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Remember when One Direction recorded Midnight Memories while on the TMH tour? Remember how Zayn was woken up out of his 10-minute slumber on the tour bus to record his verse for ‘Best Song Ever’?  Remember how successful Midnight Memories was and still is?  So tell me Little Mix, why you had to scrap your whole NA tour to make a great third album when One Direction had no problems making theirs, while on tour??? 


Little Mix puts 10x more time and effort into their tours than One Direction. They dont just go onstage and walk around singing, they actually have intricate choreography that they have to work on and that takes a lot more energy than occasionally swishing your arms around and eating a damn banana onstage. I love One Direction but puhlease recognize WHAT they are. Little Mix are actual performers. The highlight of their concerts is not reading tweets.




From June 28th, Ramadan starts. I, along with my other muslim brothers and sisters, will be fasting.

If you could please tag these things:

  • food
  • water
  • nudity (in any forms)
  • similar to the above, sex/nsfw things

thank you sm have a nice day


I’m so impressed by girls who can put together a really cute outfit and do their hair and makeup really nice every single day like if I manage to shower and eat breakfast it’s a damn victory

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